The lost photo's of Strip Turnhout

With some delay: Here's how Strip Turnhout went...

- The expo

For this expo, I worked together with Transmedia. I animated 5 comics, there was a 3D-animation and we set up a construction to create a weird sense of depth and spacy-ness.

- Signing books! Loads of books! :)

this one was a 'collab signing' :
Stef (9 years old,  drew already 2 comic books)
  drew his comic hero bursting out of my alien. :)

- Sketch Battle!

Since I lost big time in the first round, 
here's a picture of Frederik in the semi-final! 

BIG thanks for everybody showing up and buying the book (or bringing bubbles, yes!)

And Murphy's Adventures got a review!!!
Read it *here*


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