Riso Print



x 50

photo by topo copy

I made Riso prints of Murphy at the Topo Copy Room last weekend. 

They're for sale! Only €5.
Let me know if you want one.

1 opmerking:

  1. Yeeeah Charlotte!! I want to buy one!!Can I still one?
    I want to go to Belgium very soon, I hope in september for the Culture Maison of Bruxelles, but I would like visit you and Fred in Antwerp :) I have to see cheap flights, and I'll try to go to Belgium and Estonia (cause Lirios will be there)in the same trip.

    But it's an idea, right now I don't have money, I'm waiting for some contests results and I hope win something!

    I want to see you very soon!

    Big, big hug!!!