The Book & Strip Turnhout

And here's the big news:  Murphy's Miserable Space Adventures will be published shortly, by the amazing people of Oogachtend!!! 

I improved my final project a bit and made a new cover. It will be a nice book with 96 pages of spacial misfortune and astroblubber and a fluorescent pink title on the cover! :D

The book will be presented this weekend at the Strip Turnhout festival, along with a little expo. All of this thanks to Sint-Lukas Beeldverhaal&Illustratie and Transmedia.
I will be there on saturday AND sunday to make nifty drawings in your copy. You can find me in the basement (I guess I'm still underground,hah!) being super excited (I haven't seen the printed book yet, so it will be a première for me too!)  
I will also be sketchbattling there on sunday afternoon. Come and cheer for me!

The expo and the book were mentioned in the latest Stripgids issue, yippee! :)

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