"I am the doorway"

De afgewerkte illustraties:

"I sat on my porch, looking out over the dunes to the Gulf ...
I'm still here, still watching the rockets take off."

"We swung around the earth, verifying all our systems,
and then did our inject. Headed out for Venus."

"That world we saw was utterly unlike anything that anyone
has ever seen. Maybe it's a good thing that cloud cover is there.
It was like a skull that's been picked clean -that's the closest I can get."

"There were eyes peering up at me through splits in the flesh of my
fingers. And even as I watched the flesh was dilating, retreating,
as they pushed their mindless way up to the surface."

"There was a huge, blue-white streak of lightning that seemed like
the end of the world. It struck Richard, it enveloped him. The last
thing I remember is the electric stench of ozone and burnt flesh."

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